Thankyou Dennis for English Translation

Use these colors 3 Farver

FG Farve #B32A08

BG Farve AB8344

Farve #EEFEF9

Open materials i Psp

1.Open Image på 800X600.

2.Plugin Wavylab 1.1 see print

3.Plugin Mosaic ToolKit see print

4.Adjust Sharpen Sharpen.

5.Copy LDWatercolor as new Layer.

6.Image resize 85%.Blend Mode Hard Ligth.Opacety 89.

7.Add Border 1 PX. with color 1.

8.Selection Select All.

9.Add Borders 3 PX with color 2

Add Borders 30 PX with color 3.

10.Make GRD color 1 and color 3 see print.

11.Selection Selection Invert.

12.Fill with GRD.

13.AAA Frames FotoFrame.see print.

14.Alien Skin EyeCandy Impact.Drop Shadow Blurry.

15.Select None.

16.Make a new layer and fill with color 3.

17.New Masklayer from Image.maskatmosfera1_camerontags.see print.

18.Merge Group.

19.Blend Mode Luminance L.Opacety 20.

20.Drop Shadow.

21.Åben Image LD-Model-403.remove Logo

22.Edit Copy your tube on a new layer.

23.Image Resize 85% place to the left.

24.Eddect 3D Drop Shadow see print.

25.Edith Copy Efteråret(20) as new Layer.

26.Image Mirror.Resize 75%.Place down right.

26.Drop Shadow as before.

27.Edith Copy text_AutunmInTheCountry_kniple on a new Layer.Top Right.

Inset your watermark.

Merge All

Hope you think it was fun to make.