Thanks to Dennis Robinson for Translating My Tutorial into English
Place the Selection / Sel_AngryFairy_kniple in Your Selections Folder
The rest Opens in PSP
Open a New Image 900 x 600
Selections / Select All.

Edit / Copy the Image / Forest Floor
Edit / Paste into Selection
Selections / Select None
Effects /Plugins / Mehdi /Sorting Tiles (see example)

Layers / Duplicate

Repeat / Mehdi Sorting Tiles (this time check Plus)
Activate the Top Layer

Layers / Properties / Blend Mode / Dissolve / Opacity 44.
Image / Flip Vertical
Selections / Load/Save Selection/ Load Selection from Disk Sel_AngryFairy_kniple
Open the Image / Aimelle tube_symbol4

Close for use later

Activate the tube layer,
Image / Free Rotate 90 (see example)

Edit / Paste into Selection
Selections / Promote Selection to Layer

Layers / Properties / Opacity 77
Selections / Modify / Select Selection Borders (see example)

Flood Fill / Black
Effects / 3d Effects / Inner Bevel (see example)

Selections / Select None
Layers / Duplicate the Promoted Selection
Image / Resize (see example)

Image Free Rotate / Right 90º
Move to the Right.

Layers / Duplicate

Image / Mirror / Mirror Horizontal
Image / Add Borders

1 pix White

1 pix Black

1 pix #e6bb63
Selections / Select All
Edit / Copy
Image Add Borders 40 pix White
Drop Shadow of your choice.
Selections / Invert
Paste into Selection
Effects / Plugins / AAA Photo Frame (see example)

Repeat / AAA Photo Frame / change the Width to10
Selections / Select None

Edit / Copy / Image Angry_Fairy_kniple

Edit / Paste as a New Layer.
Image / Resize 90% (no check mark in resize all layers)

Copy Image Bambi_kniple

Edit / Paste as a New Layer
Give both tubes Drop Shadow of your choice.

Open the Wordart

Edit / Copy

Edit / Paste as a New Layer
Adjust / Hue and Saturation / Colorize

Hue 28 / Saturation 185 (place as mine)
Add your name or watermark

Save as jpg