African Beauty English

Thanks to Dennis for translating into English


Mary 0912-57


Place the Selection in your PSP Selections Folder


Place the Mask in you PSP Mask Folder


I used the following Colors

Foreground: #470200

Background: #000000

The Color: #ffffff

Open a New Image 900 X 600.

Effects / Plugins / Mehdi Wavy Lab 1.1 ((see example)).

Effects / Image Effects / Seamless Tiling (see example).

Layers / Duplicate

Image / Flip Vertical

Layers / Properties / Opacity 50

Layers / Merge / Merge Down

Layers / New Raster Layer

Flood / Fill with the Color #ffffff.

Layers / Load/Save Mask / Load Mask from Disk

Find the Mask sfk_Mask34. (see preview).

Layers / Merge / Merge Group.

Layers / Properties / Blend Mode Dissolve / Opacity 75.

Layers / New Raster Layer

Flood Fill with the Color #000000.

Selections / Load/Save Selection / Load Selection from Disk

Search for the Selection choupinette2_animabelle.

Selections / Invert

Press the Delete Key on your Keyboard.

Selections / Invert.

Effects / Plugins / Eye Candy 5 Impact / Glass (see example).

Selections / Select None.

Place Your Name or Watermark.

Image / Add Borders 2-pixels Color #000000

1-pixel Color #ffffff

2-pixels Color #000000

Selections / Select All

Image / Add Borders 30-pixels Color #ffffff

Drop Shadow (default)

Selections / Invert

Effects Plugins / Foto Frame (see example).

Layers / New Raster Layer.

Open Image Frame_kniple_2020_gold.

Edit / Copy

Edit / Paste into Selection.

Layers / Properties / Blend Mode Multiply.

Selections / Select None

Edit / Copy Image Lizars_vase_kniple

Edit / Paste as a New Layer.

Place to the Bottom Right

Effects / 3d Effects / Drop Shadow (see preview).

Edit / Copy Mary 0912-57.

Edit / Paste as a New Layer

Image / Resize 65%.

Place as on the Example.

Duplicate the Layer with the Lady.

Activate the lower lady Layer.

Adjust Blur / Gaussian Blur 50.

Activate the Layer Above

Effects / 3d Effects / Drop Shadow (default)

Layers / Merge / Merge All

Image / Resize 900-pixels Wide (resize all layers checked)

File / Save as jpg.

I hope you thought it was fun to do.